Falso Filo Belvedere, Villa La Angostura.

Guido Franco-Ferrari (1994)

Patagonian Painter

So many things to do, and our time on earth is so short...

Time perhaps feels very, very short for those of us who are creators, we are always seeing new things, and we also leave unfinished projects, because we have a body that does not give demand to all ideas.

Although the beauty of projects lies in the journey and the goal is only the gift.

I have dedicated myself exclusively to painting for 6 years, this has brought me many crises and many satisfactions, because enjoying doing and living what one loves... is priceless.

Along the way I discovered that I paint for myself, to get to know myself, but that it is also my passport, it is my door to the world, painting took me to 4 continents, I made exhibitions in the United States, Iceland, Denmark, France, Austria, Slovakia, Bulgaria , of course in Argentina, etc.

My maximum fulfillment is to see life flourish, in the mountains I connect with the greatest purity of life, that is why I return to paint there.

Work selection, Oil Paintings.