New Illustration series


What I see, is a reflex of what I am really? I’m watching a reflex or more far than that reflex? Watching myself from outside.

Lo que veo ¿es un reflejo de lo que soy realmente? ¿estoy mirando el reflejo o mas allá del mismo? Observarse desde afuera.


Sometimes in life, we go to the same way, again and again. maybe we have to learn something about that way, it’s our decision to learn and go for the next way

Hay veces en la vida que recorremos los mismos caminos una y otra vez, quizás porque necesitemos aprender algo en ese viaje, solo depende de uno aprender y seguir adelante.

3 thoughts on “New Illustration series

  1. Ahh, then I understand! You have reflections in glass, water, mirrors … and you can reflect on yourself, that means thinking about your emotions or actions. Google knows a lot, but obviously not everything ;o).


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