What do you think about this image? (illustrated book)

What do you think about this image use for a illustrated children’s book?
The history is about this man found trash in her river so he wanna find from who threw all the trash. and in the travel he found a big city with a lots of funny strangers and big constructions… anyway

I don’t mean only this only image, all the book illustrated like this, What do you think?


Qué opinas sobre este uso de imágenes para un libro infantil ilustrado?
La historia es acerca de este hombre que encontró basura en su río, así que quiere encontrar quien lanzó toda la basura. y en el viaje se encuentra con una gran ciudad llena de extraños divertidos y gigantes construcciones…

de todos modos
No me refiero sólo esta única imagen, todo el libro ilustrado de esta manera, ¿Qué opinan?

ilust 31 3

I wait for your comments!

Espero los comentarios!

9 comentarios sobre “What do you think about this image? (illustrated book)

  1. A mi me encanta. Es del tipo de ilustración que funciona para niños y para adultos y que, personalmente, prefiero. Me recuerda un poco a The Dangerous Alphabet de Neil Gaiman, no recuerdo el nombre del ilustrador.

    Me gusta

  2. As a mother of two children I can tell you: it´s not the colour that matters, its the mood. And your drawing is full of emotions, its exciting. They would ask themselves (or their mother): «Why is the guy in the boat looking so worried, whats that in his hands … and what has the guy on land with the white hood to grin about? Is he to harm the friendly but shy looking guy in the boat? Wanna see the the next picture and know whats going on!»
    They loved the drawing of the Motherdragon ;o).
    So I think its beautiful and I know my children would like it … can´t ask them, because it´s bedtime already.

    Me gusta

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